Come stay with us on our Loforna base enjoying the wonderful experience of living within the pristine jungles of the Maya Mountains of Central Belize.

To minimize our ecological footprint, solar panels supply our electrical needs, and purified water is provided through roof retention systems. WiFi and phone connections are available on site.

We offer two types of sleeping accommodations one of which is dormitory style and the other swinging in a hammock in our open air cabaña.

We also operate a small traditional Mayan farm using techniques passed on for generations. The food is used to make our delicious Mayan and American style meals that we offer you.

Over thirty different fruit trees are planted throughout the property for you to pick and eat from.

Plenty of room to sleep with 2 dorms and a loft for sleeping

We offer you two types of accommodations:

‘Nahil’ Dormitories

  • Style: male/female dorms
  • Bedding: bunk beds/hammocks
  • Capacity/Dorm: 30

‘K’áax’ Cabaña

  • Style: open aired cabaña
  • Bedding: hammocks
  • Capacity: 10