Frequently Asked Questions

Where does IHF come from?

It began in May 2007, with the purchase of 6 acres of raw jungle just south of the Mayan village of Armenia, Belize. At the time, it’s founder was working with Canadian students to initiate a three month, high school coop program throughout Central and Western Belize. He was deeply moved to work with the locals to bring about positive change and new opportunities for local Belizeans.

Who is it’s founder?

It was founded by Canadian born, William Kamphuis.  He has led a diverse career, including teaching and mission work.  IHF became a passion project through his faith in God, and with the support of many friends, family members and others from the faith community.

How is IHF funded?

It is funded through personal and private donations from generous partners like you!

Are there opportunities to volunteer?

Yes, not only for teams but for anyone that wishes to share job skills or help out in the village. Opportunities include: skills sharing in our carpentry and baking programs, teaching assistance in the pre and grade school, helping out the poor, sick and needy, organizing and implementing youth retreats, and connecting with an orphanage and senior’s home in the area. Length of stays can be anywhere from a few days to months.

Is IHF a registered charity?

Yes!  In 2013 IHF became a Canadian not for profit organization.  In August 2014, it received official charitable status.  In the spring of 2018, it also became registered in Belize.

Is IHF audited on an annual basis?

Since IHF currently operates a budget under $50,000 per year, an audit has not yet been required.  Instead, we have undergone an annual financial review by a Canadian CPA.  An official T3010 information return is filed with the Canada Revenue Agency.

What is IHF?

It is an abbreviation of In His Footprints Ministries.