In His Footprints (Belize)

  • Lazarus Pop
    Lazarus PopProgram Leader

    Lazarus is a gifted tradesman and has a heart for his community. Lazarus graduated from Global International School in Roaring Creek with Honours where he learned how to draw building plans, weld, masonry, small engine repairs, and much more. Lazarus has a passion to reach out to the vulnerable and marginalized in his community. He serves through leading carpentry and welding skill-sharing programs, LOFORNA facility maintenance, and hosting guests.

    • Alicia Pop
      Alicia PopProgram Leader

      Alicia has a passion for serving her community and providing hospitality to our guests. She is a graduate of YWCA skills training program in the areas of culinary arts and sewing. Alicia is also a certified cook with the government of Belize. Alicia leads programming in culinary arts and sewing skill-sharing classes.

      • Belize Advisory Team
        Belize Advisory TeamBAT Team

        Belize Advisory Team (BAT) provides governance and supports our leaders, Alicia and Lazarus. The BAT consists of Marin Rosado (Vice Principal of the Armenia grade school), CalvinĀ Aviilez (Principal of the Global International Trades School), Augustine Garcia (Armenia Tour Guide Operator) and Grant Donovan (US Peace Corp).

        In His Footprints (Canada)

        IHF was officially registered with the Canadian federal government as a non profit, charitable organization in August of 2014.

        The Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis and acts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency’s charity guidelines.

        Board of Directors:

        William Kamphuis

        Jonathan Wissink

        Peter VanderMeulen

        IHF Canada directors offer their services on a volunteer bases. We also operate as an online ministry with no rented office space or paid staff. Ministry outreaches in Belize (trades skills programs, high school sponsorships, village outreaches) operated with no administrative costs.