The following programmes are offered by IHF:

Trade Skills Training

Present offerings include: carpentry, welding, hair-cutting, baking, etc.

Those presently being developed include: auto mechanic, small engine repair, retail, etc.

High School Sponsorship

Graduates of the trade skill programmes are given the opportunity to apply for and receive scholarships to attend high school in nearby Belmopan.

Community Service Programs

IHF community service programs include hospice care for the sick and elderly, village clean-up, tutoring, youth retreats, orphanage care, hygiene and nutritional training, etc.

Our partners include Marla’s House of Hope, Armenia Grade / Pre School, local churches, US Peace Corp, Youth for Christ, Water Ambassadors

Culinary Arts



Entrepreneurial/ Business Skills


Duration: 12-weeks
Leaders: Alicia and Lazarus Pop and BAT guidance
Objective: Participants are trained and develop skills through project based learning 
Result: Participants are encouraged and supported to use their skills to gain employment
Upon Completion: graduation ceremony with community 


– Started in 2015
– 3 sessions complete
– 31 graduates
– 5 business start-ups

Get Involved with other service opportunities

Besides sharing job skills, IHF also offers many other service opportunities in Armenia and the surrounding area.
A few service opportunities include:

Village Cleanup

This environmental initiative began in March 2014.  A team of youth are responsible for cleaning the garbage near the Cave Branch River, the village grade school and other common areas.  Garbage pails have also been installed in an effort to encourage this initiative to the people of Armenia.  Now under the leadership of the US Peace Corp, it is now known as the Armenia Youth Corp.

Orphanage Care

This opportunity is to help out an amazing orphanage located in Belmopan, only fifteen minutes away from our base.

Bread and Honey Ministry

This includes visiting the sick and destitute in the village seeking to support them in a variety of ways including visitation, food donations, medical assistance, prayer and help around their homes.

Educational Assistance

This includes tutoring and general assistance in the village preschool and elementary school.

Sports Camps

This option is focused on the youth of the village. It could include soccer, basketball, and baseball just to name a few.

Medical Assistance

The village of approximately two thousand people does not have a clinic. Guests with medical training will have the opportunity of making house calls to those that are dealing with medical issues.

If you have any other outreach desires, we will do our best to make it possible. Please contact Wil Kamphuis at